Today in Sarawak History 8 August

  1. 08.08.1844 Patusan, below Skrang stronghold of Sherip Satap, captured.
  2. 08.1854 Defeat of Rentap at Sungai Long
  3. 08.1858 Second Sadok Expedition against Rentap
  4. 08.1861 Nyalong attacked
  5. 08.1891 British Government recognise annexation of Limbang
  6. 08.1895 Rickshawa introduced into Kuching
  7. 08.1931 No 1 RSS drops to $9.66 other grades value less.
  8. 08.1981 Lundu / Serayan Road completed.
  9. 08.08.1992 Opening of the Riverside Majestic Hotel in Kuching
  10. 08.08.1996 Opening of KOMAG USA Sdn Bhd the first Sarawak manufacturing plant at Pending Kuching.
  11. 08.08.1997 Signing of theĀ Under Writing Agreement in connecting with the imposed listing of Zecon Enginnering Berhad on KLSE second board
  12. 08.08.2000 Launching of Shell’s RM 1.2 billion air separation unit in Bintulu.
  13. 08.08.2001 Launching of the book entitled The Future of The Dayak Bidayuh in Malaysia
  14. 08.08.2002 Opening of the dialogue session between government departments with members of the Malaysian Palm oil Association East Malaysia Planters Association and other planters in Miri.
  15. 08.08.2004 Launching of the Malaysian Red Cresent Society annual flag (sticker) sale in Miri.