Actually I am doing part time job, secretly.

Sometime I have to go out to find extra income for myself. You know it very hard nowadays. Everything was very expensive. So the solution is I have to work part time. On the morning I work at Airport and at the night time I worked as a Chef at The Other Office Restaurant. After I finished my work at Airport, I rushing to go home to change my clothes. Then I proceed to The Other Office Restaurant and I started cooking some dishes to be serves to customer like Bacon Cheese Burger, French Onion Soup, Super Chunk Fruit Salad, Triple Berry Cheesecake, Spitfire Roasted Chicken, Pumpkin pie and much more. The owner of the restaurant give me salary RM 800 per month. It ok for me but I still need more. This is my first part time job as Chef and I happy with this job.

Besides that I have second part time job. This one I doing this job secretly. I don’t want other people know I am doing this kind of job. It is underground one or also know as Mafia. Please keep silent. I don’t want my top management know that I am doing illegal job. Actually I am one of the leader in Miri and I called my group as Tiger Clan. Vicious and dangerous ones. Most of the Mirian people respect my clan. Kuasa polis kalah punya…hahahaha *evil laughing* Although we behave like that but we have good heart and will to help people in need. My attitude is like Robin Hood…lol. By the way we have link to other different Mafia all over the world. We use Facebook to connect each other. My income doing this stuff very promising. Every time I received RM 1 million per month. Enough to buy good weapon. Hahahahahahaha *evil laughing* Please don’t mess up with me. Like what Phua Cu Kang said “Don’t pray, pray”

But I have to cover up myself. I can not doing Mafia job all the time because I am afraid my superior suspicious with me. Later on he find out that I am doing illegal job, he will terminate my job at Airport Miri. I must save myself first because I still want to work at Airport Miri. I got connection with Miri Airport staff in term of delivery of illegal “part”. You know what I mean right.  There is one female and her nick name is ”

Before I become Chef and Mafia leader, I was a farmer. Even before I work at Airport Miri. Full time farmer take care of his small farm. I brought this farm last year and I plant various vegetables and fruits. I plant strawberry, wheat and many more. With this way, I can generate another income. Even though it generate slow income but it is stable.

For conclusion, this is my way to generate side income. Do you want to follow me? Gotcha. Happy reading.

I am working person full time with Facebook as I seat in front of my lappy all the time. Hail !!!!!! Facebook!!!!