Why must you be shy?

This incident was happen when I checking arrival passenger from oversea at Miri International Airport. Every time there are oversea passenger, we as front liner must check and scan their luggage to ensure no prohibited item enter to Miri, Sarawak. There is one local guy in mid 40s(businessman)just come back from Singapore, whose don’t want me to check his luggage. Here is rough conversation between this guy and me:

Me: Sir, please scan your luggage.
Guy: Ok

He then put his luggage inside scanner machine. While his luggage going through the scanner machine, my colleague detect something suspicious inside his luggage and he call me to check that luggage. Continue the conversation:

Me: Sir, please open your luggage.

Guy: Why you want to open my luggage?

Me: It just a routine Custom checking.

Guy: Lu jangan bikin saya malu oooo.

Me: *smiling at him* Mana ada saya bikin kamu malu. Saya mahu check kamu punya beg.

Guy: Lu jangan bikin saya malu oooo

Me: Buka saja beg kamu. Saya mahu check saja.

Guy: Jangan buat saya malu lah.

Me: Errrr, mana ada saya buat kamu malu. Semua orang kalau kamu datang dari oversea mesti mahu check. Kamu datang dari Singapore mesti saya mahu check kamu. Orang putih pun check juga. Mana mereka ada malu, malah mereka “very cooperative” dengan Kastam. Saya check semua orang tidak kira kamu businessman ka and etc. You yourself making yourself very shy. Kalau kamu malu, saya bawa kamu ke office saya lah, check di office saya.

Guy: *his face change to red. He is very angry with me. Then he opened the luggage for me*

After a few minute of checking, and everything is ok then i release him. The local guys looks unhappy with me but I don’t care about that. It is my duty to ensure the safety of Malaysia. He want to complain to head of department what for. No one is entertain his complain. And for your information to my silent reader, Australia Custom is very very strict. Not to say Australia, USA, Singapore and England also very strict.

I just don’t understand why you must be shy. What mentality is that. If you prove you are right why you very afraid or shy? Come on lah…..be a man.