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    Probe all missing persons cases thorough, says IGP 

    KUALA LUMPUR: All missing persons reports must be investigated immediately and thoroughly to avoid another tragedy such as that of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya’s murder, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said.

    He admitted that Sosilawati’s case could have been prevented if fast action, including proper investigation, had been conducted over earlier reports of missing persons.

    He also said a task force had been formed to investigate all missing persons reports linked to the lawyer brothers.

    “There should be no more slacking. Those caught slacking or ignoring missing persons reports will be severely reprimanded,” he told senior news editors during a briefing at his office in Bukit Aman yesterday.

    As for Sosilawati’s case, Ismail said police considered it solved and commended CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin, Deputy Comm Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah and all the detectives in the Sosilawati task force for nabbing the suspects involved.

    He said the team will be liaising with the Attorney-General’s Chambers in preparing the charges and type of charges to be preferred against those detained for the murders of Sosilawati and three others – lawyer Ahmad Kamil Abdul Karim, 32, CIMB Bank officer Noorhisham Moham mad, 38, and driver Kamaruddin Shamsuddin, 44.

    “We hope the public will give us time so that we have an airtight case with ample evidence to be adduced in court.

    “So, do not speculate if we do not charge the suspects fast.”

    • Concerned 4:03 pm on September 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      What’s the point of “telling us”. Kick your men’s rears and outline to us exactly what you will you and the results you expect in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Not make airs with sermons and showing the public you are telling your men to get to work.

      It appears his men are telling the IGP to do busy work.

      • Tigeriban 2:37 am on September 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        if you read latest news, it look like this cases linked to many person before…Now I wonder what actually happen to previous one. They police just ignore it or ???

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    Shooter games can improve decision-making, study claims 

    SYDNEY, Sept 15 — Violent video games like “Call of Duty” can help trigger-happy players make decisions faster in real life, according to a study released today.

    Researchers from New York’s University of Rochester found that first-person shooter games produced a heightened sensitivity and led to more efficient use of sensory evidence.

    “These benefits of video games stem only from action games, which almost always means shooter games, where you go through a maze and you don’t know when a villain will appear,” researcher Daphne Bavelier said in a statement.

    “It’s not exactly what you’d think of as mind enhancing. Strategy or role-playing games don’t have the same effect.”

    The study, published in the journal Current Biology, involved testing 26 people aged 18 to 25, none of whom had played shooting games before, over several months.

    Half of the participants played 50 hours of shooting games like “Call of Duty” and “Unreal Tournament” while the other half played 50 hours of a strategy game, “The Sims 2.”

    They were then given various tests such as deciding which direction a group of dots on a screen was moving at varying speeds, and deciphering which ear was hearing noises.

    The researchers found that the group who had played the shooting games was able to make judgments faster and more accurately. They were found to be 25 per cent better at decision making.

    “Unlike standard learning paradigms, which have a highly specific solution, there is no such specific solution in action video games because situations are rarely, if ever, repeated,” the researchers wrote in their study.

    “Thus, the only characteristics that can be learned are how to rapidly and accurately learn the statistics on the fly and how to accumulate this evidence more efficiently.” The findings come amid a debate about the pros and cons of violent video games such as first-person shooters.

    Research from Texas A&M International University earlier this year found violent video games can increase aggression and hostility in some players but also found that they can benefit others by honing their visual/spatial skills and improving social networking ability. — Reuters

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    Traditional burning method used 

    PETALING JAYA: The remains of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and the three men she was last seen with were believed to have been burnt using cow dung and petrol, a highly effective traditional method which can reduce a human body to ashes in between 30 minutes and an hour.

    The average human body takes from two to three hours to burn completely when in a coffin and placed in the furnace, pre-heated at 1,100°C.

    However, the traditional method, which originates from India, involves placing cow dung on the body and sprinkling some petrol which is then lit.

    “A gas released from the burning cow dung increases the intensity of the fire which reduces the body to ash very quickly, often leaving only the femur (thigh bone) and pelvic bone still intact,” a source said.

    Source: The Star

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    Facebook clinches top spot from Orkut in India 

    NEW DELHI: Facebook has become the number one social networking site in India, toppling Google-owned Orkut in one of the few markets the site had held a leadership position.

    US-based global research firm comScore said Facebook had moved into the top spot in July, backing up separate research by Indian online monitor ViziSense which shows a similar trend.

    Facebook had 20.9 million unique users in July, almost three times more than in the same month last year, while Orkut had 19.9 million, according to comScore.

    “The social networking phenomenon continues to gain steam worldwide, and India represents one of the fastest growing markets at the moment,” comScore executive Will Hodgman said in a statement.

    ViziSense calculated that Facebook had overtaken Orkut in April as data showed it had slightly less than 19 million unique users in May while Orkut had about 18 million.

    In March, Facebook announced it would open its first office in India in the southern IT hub of Hyderabad.

    Seventy percent of Facebook’s users are from outside the United States and the site is now available in more than 70 languages. — AFP

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    Should parents ‘friend’ their kids on Facebook? 

    NEW YORK: To friend or not to friend is the big question facing many parents dealing with teenagers on Facebook.
    Three quarters of parents questioned in a Nielsen survey said they are friends with their children on the popular social networking website which boasts 500 million active users. But a third admitted they are worried they are not seeing everything their children are doing on the web.

    Perhaps with good reason, as nearly 30 percent of teens said if given the choice they would unfriend their parents.

    “The No. 1 parenting issue, as least with my discussion with parents, is living on Facebook,” said Regina Lewis, a consumer adviser with online services company AOL, which jointly developed the survey.
    “It is part of the modern-day parenting reality.”

    The average number of friends on Facebook is 130 but for teenagers it can be much higher, according to Lewis.

    “I thought the percentage of parents who were friends with their kids was strikingly high. It is more than 70 percent,” she said, adding that children were twice as likely to want to unfriend their mother than their father.

    For some children friending a parent is not always an option. In 41 percent of households there was a rule that children who use Facebook have to be friends with their parents.

    “For some parents that became a non-starter,” said Lewis.

    The friending issue is a delicate balancing act between children thriving for more independence and their parents’ desire to see what is going on to make sure their children are safe.

    In nearly half of cases, children said they would prefer to be friends with their parents privately on the web without their parents having the ability to post comments.

    Nielsen questioned 1,024 parents and 500 children aged 13 to 17 for the online poll. More than half of the youngsters admitted they do not personally know all of their Facebook friends, and 41 percent of parents said they knew half or less of their children’s Facebook friends.

    “Friending friends is certainly a way to populate your list quickly,” said Lewis.

    “That is why the number of mutual friends is one of those really important factors in figuring out who may be a outlier,” she added, referring to someone who shouldn’t be there.

    Twenty percent of parents admitted they had told their children to unfriend someone.

    Whether they are friends or not, Lewis said that to be responsible parents need to keep an eye on what their children are doing online. — REUTERS

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    Aquino calls for end to Facebook bashing 

    MANILA: Philippine President Benigno Aquino on Wednesday appealed for a stop to government bashing over a hostage crisis that left eight foreigners dead, but his Facebook plea triggered more condemnation.

    Aquino’s official Facebook page, which he had set up to promote transparency in government, has been swamped with angry comments, from barbs against bungling policemen to calls for him to quit.

    “We have heard and read a lot of opinions from the public, even from foreigners that were affected,” Aquino said on Facebook.
    “We appeal on everyone to stop needless arguments. Let us show everyone that we, Filipinos, know how to respect and understand.” The message triggered varied replies on the page, with some expressing support but many others dismissing it outright.

    “Shame on you and your government. Tender your resignation now,” wrote Elfis Lee, a Hong Kong resident.

    “Your incompetence of leading your untrained stupid police force caused such a tragedy.” Jay Rodrigo apologised on behalf of Filipinos, but had strong words about his feelings towards Aquino, who won the presidency by a landslide in May but whose popularity now appears to be taking a direct hit from the tragedy.
    “You see, our president is a retard who has done nothing but smirk in front of the TV cameras after all that has happened,” he replied on the page.

    “He’s slowly killing our country coz of his stupidity.” An ex-policeman seized a bus-load of 22 Hong Kong tourists and three Filipinos Monday, triggering a 12-hour face-off that ended in a bloodbath following a police assault.

    Aside from the gunman, eight tourists were killed, triggering angry comments from Hong Kong and a travel ban on the country.
    It also put the spotlight on longstanding problems with the Philippine police force, which admitted to blunders in handling the crisis.

    The Internet-savvy Aquino, 50, used social networking sites to promote his anti-corruption campaign and vows of full transparency in the run-up to the election.

    His official Facebook page has 1.94 million fans. – AFP

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    Singaporean arrested for FB attack on govt 

    Taken from NST  Singaporean arrested for FB attack on govt.

    SINGAPORE: A Singaporean man who attacked the ruling party on Facebook and urge people to “burn” a cabinet minister has been arrested on charges of inciting violence, police said Wednesday.
    In a statement, police said they had arrested a “man in his late 20s” on Tuesday “in connection with investigations into offences related to incitement of violence”.

    The statement did not name the man or give details of the offence, but said that he was released on bail pending further investigation.

    Local media identified him as Abdul Malik Ghazali, 27, who posted a series of comments on the social networking site critical of how Singapore is hosting the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG).
    The August 14-26 event, held for competitors aged from 14 to 18, has generated limited public interest, with many events blighted by empty seats and the host country’s athletes faring badly.

    Vivian Balakrishnan, the minister for community development, youth and sports, has come under particular fire from online critics over the games.

    Abdul Malik’s postings on his own Facebook page and on a separate group account called “I hate the Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee” are also critical of Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP).

    Abdul Malik, who works for a company specialising in wood and flooring, said on his Facebook page that he was arrested “due to my involvement in anti-YOG and anti-PAP Facebook pages”.

    One of his postings highlighted recent floods in Singapore, the escape of detained terror suspect Mas Selamat Kastari, the amount of money spent to host the games and reports of the poor standard of food served for games volunteers.

    He said it was time to “burn” the sports minister and the PAP.

    “Rally together and vote them out!!!” he wrote.

    Abdul Malik said in comments published Wednesday by The New Paper that “the comment is a metaphor”.

    “I did not intend for it to be taken literally. I did not mean for someone to actually burn,” he said.

    In another posting, Abdul Malik referred to a version of the communist anthem The Internationale on YouTube and wrote: “This song is a call to rise against tyranny and oppression… Very suited to what is happening now in

    Prosperous Singapore — which is spending close to 300 million US dollars to host the games, more than three times original projections — follows a hardline policy on political dissent.

    Public protests are banned without a police permit and anti-government critics in the political opposition and media have been successfully sued for defamation by top officials.

    Some in cyberspace rallied to Abdul Malik’s defence.

    One Facebook poster calling himself “Kok Meng” wrote “seems like even metaphors are forbidden these days”.

    “Police should get a grip and let loose. We are a democracy.” — AFP

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    Harvard tops university list as China progresses 

    CANBERRA, Aug 18 — Harvard retains the crown as top university for the eighth year in an annual ranking of the world’s universities which is dominated by the United States but shows China’s performance improving.

    The 2010 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), published since 2003 by the Centre for World-Class Universities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, said the United States dominates the list with eight in the top 10 and 54 in the top 100.

    Joining Harvard in the top 10 were the University of California, Berkeley; Stanford; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; California Institute of Technology; Princeton; Columbia and Chicago. Yale came 11th.

    The best ranked British universities were Cambridge, slipping to fifth place from fourth last year, and Oxford retaining the 10th position. Overall the number of British universities in the top 500 rankings dropped to 38 from 40.

    But the ranking, initially set up to find the global standing of Chinese universities, showed Asian universities were advancing up the list with 106 from the Asia Pacific region making the top 500 and Chinese universities performing better.

    “While the ranking methodology has been kept the same, the number of top 500 Chinese universities reaches 34 in 2010, which is more than double that in 2004 (16),” Shanghai Jiao Tong University said in a statement.

    Chinese universities in the top 200 included National Taiwan University; Peking; Tsinghua and Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    The ARWU uses six indicators to rank universities globally including the number of alumni and staff with Nobel prizes, the number of highly cited researchers, the number of articles published and cited in top journals and the per capita performance with respect to size of the institution.

    Ranking more than 1,000 universities every year with 500 published online, the list focuses heavily on achievements in scientific research.

    From the Asia-Pacific region, the top performer was Tokyo University which was again listed in 20th place followed by Kyoto in 24th position. However Japan’s overall performance was weaker with just 25 universities in the top 500, down from 31 last year.

    From Australia, the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra was ranked in 59th place and Melbourne moved up to 62nd position from 75 on the back of alumna Elizabeth Blackburn winning the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

    Universities from Middle East countries also made progress in the 2010 list.

    Saudi Arabia had two in the top 500 — King Saud University and King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals of Saudi Arabia — compared to just one last year. — Reuters

    SM: That is my name…hehehehe

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    Tears of joy…baiklah 

    Extract from Borneo Post 12.08.2010

    SHAH ALAM: The tears flowed freely, reflecting the joy and relief of an emotional Datuk Bung Moktar Radin.(Bullshit)

    They summed up the Kinabatangan MP’s immediate reaction to the decision of the Syariah High Court here, which set aside a one-month jail sentence imposed on him in May, for polygamy without consent.

    Famed for his fiery outbursts when debating contentious issues in Parliament, this is the side of Bung Moktar few have seen as the visibly-moved politician wiped away his tears of joy.

    His second wife, Zizie Izette A Samad, stroked his back to calm her man as Bung Moktar said: “I am grateful for the judgment handed down by the court. It is the best gift for this Ramadan.

    “I will continue to serve as an elected representative, and thank everyone, especially family members, friends and the media who have been supporting me.”

    Zizie Izette, wearing a scarf and clad in a pink modern kurung, also expressed gratitude to  those  who stood by the couple during the case.

    Selangor Syariah Chief Judge Mukhyuddin Ibrahim, in his judgment, however, ordered Bung Moktar, 51, to pay the RM1,000 fine, in default six months’ jail.

    When handing down the judgment, Mukhyuddin  said he accepted five of the 13 petitions filed by  Bung  Moktar in the appeal, including  the fact that Bung Moktar was a first offender.

    He noted  that the lower court had erred in not taking into consideration that fact when handing down the jail sentence on Bung Moktar.

    However, he said the jail sentence meted by the Lower Syariah Court was low, considering Bung Moktar’s position where as a respected leader and member of parliament, he should know the syariah law.

    “Nevertheless, it is unfair to link the appellant (Bung Moktar) as a member of parliament with the formulation of the syariah law because the syariah law is set by the state government.

    “Hence, the  court  accepts the appellant’s petition that the lower court had meted out the jail sentence on him, without taking into account  his position as MP, and handing down the sentence on grounds that if a commensurate  sentence  is not handed down,  it  will  invite negative perception from the public on the credibility of the Syariah Court,” he added.

    Mukhyuddin said the Syariah  Lower Court also failed to consider the implication of the conviction or jail sentence on Bung Moktar’s position and finance, in view of his huge responsibility towards his family.

    He opined that if Bung Moktar were to  be sent to jail, it would adversely affect his two wives and children and would create social problems.

    “After studying submissions by  both  parties,  the court finds that the suitable sentence for the  appellant  is  a  maximum fine without imprisonment.

    “Therefore, the jail sentence on the appellant is commuted to RM1,000 fine or six months’ jail if he fails to pay the fine,” he added.

    Bung Moktar is represented by Syarie lawyer Amli Embong while Zusyarafain Md Yusof prosecuted.

    On May 19, the Gombak Timur Syariah Lower Court sentenced Bung Moktar to a month’s jail  for committing polygamy  without consent,  with  Zizie at No.12,  Jalan TC2B/3 Cemerlang Heights, Taman Melati, Gombak at 8.50pm on Dec 16, last year.

    He was also fined RM1,000 or a month’s jail for abetting Zizie in marrying her, without the consent of the Registrar of Marriage, Divorce and Reconciliation at the same place, time and date.

    SM: From the beginning of this case, I know this lanji guy would not going to jail….well done Zizie

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