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    Website ranks most influential tweeters 

    NEW YORK, Sept 24 — Actor Ashton Kutcher has more than five million and when singer John Mayer closed his account his devotees numbered 3.7 million but having a huge following on Twitter is no guarantee of being influential.

    Researchers at Northwestern University said with new technology they can sift through the tens of millions of tweets sent each day on the microblogging website to pinpoint the most influential people on the hot topic of the day.

    And it may not be the celebrity with the most followers.

    “People think that just because you have a huge number of followers you may potentially be an influencer, and that is not the case,” said Professor Alok Choudhary, the chair of the electrical engineering and computer science department at Northwestern University in Illinois.

    Sports star LeBron James, for example, may influence people when he tweets about basketball but he does not have as much clout if he voices his ideas about the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice, according to Choudhary.

    “The idea was how do we determine what are the important tweets and who are the people who really influence others in real time,” he explained in an interview.

    Using massive dating mining of texts, network analysis and real-time response measures Choudhary and Ramanathan Narayanan, a graduate student at the university, developed a website to rank the most influential tweeters on a topic.

    The site, http://www.pulseofthetweeters.com, resulted from Narayanan’s thesis project.

    Although Twitter, which limits tweets to 140 characters, is only four years old it has become an immensely popular social networking website, similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, with 145 million users and an average of 90 million tweets per day.

    “So, which tweets should you read? Which tweets are being read by media experts on any given subject, such as politics, law, fashion, food? We provide that information,” said Narayanan.

    The recently launched site also determines whether the tweets are positive, negative or neutral and filters out spam.

    “A lot of people think that just because you tweet a lot means you may have influence or you are important. But there are a lot of junk tweets, so to speak. Our technology filters those out,” Choudhary explained.

    The researchers believe the technology could identify trends and the people who are influencing them.

    “Our premise is that influencers are those that dynamically change the opinions of people on specific topics, or the topic of the moment. So in real time we can determine how people are getting influenced for an important topic,” he added. — Reuters

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    Swiss chocoholics are sweet rival for Facebook & Co 

    BASLE, Sept 21 — The world’s first virtual community dedicated purely to chocolate, launched last week in Switzerland, gives cyber-networkers the chance to satisfy their sweet tooth as their friend-networks grow.

    Modelled on successful precursors like Facebook and MySpace, myswisschocolate.com, based in the small town of Pfaeffikon near Zurich, provides a virtual platform for people who share a love of the sugary treat that is the country’s trademark.

    “Although we’re passionate about chocolate, our site is not just for chocolate lovers but also for those learning to love chocolate all over the world,” site founder Sven Beichler told Reuters.

    After registering on the homepage of what the founders call the “club”, members are automatically awarded a voucher for 5 Swiss francs (RM15) worth of chocolate.

    “For every friend the user then adds to his or her network, his chocolate account increases proportionately,” Beichel said, adding the user is also awarded “chocolate points” for friends’ glut every time a friend buys chocolate without a voucher.

    The virtual balance of the chocolate-lover’s account can then be converted into real chocolate — hand-made by myswisschocolate.com and shipped to 15 countries worldwide.

    Switzerland pioneered the development of chocolate in the 1800s and is still home to producers such as KitKat-maker Nestle, Barry Callebaut and Lindt & Spruengli — famed for its gold-wrapped bunnies sold all over the world.

    Since its launch last week, the site has recorded over 100 registrations, and the founders aim to boost membership by up to 1,000 by the end of the year.

    “We customise chocolate too and can make it with marzipan, ginger, coffee and even 23-carat gold,” Beichel said, adding that gold-laced chocolate has one of the highest price tags.

    Other ingredients that can be included on request are rose petals, curry powder and sea salt.

    Prices, including postage, start at 3 Swiss francs per 100 gramme bar, and all products can also be delivered as gifts. — Reuters

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    Social media can rule your life, college finds 

    PHILADELPHIA, Sept 22 — Being perpetually connected through social media can increase stress, weaken personal relationships, and even cause sleep loss, according to a US university.

    After imposing a week-long blackout in the use of Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging and other media, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in central Pennsylvania found that the pervasive technology had hidden pitfalls.

    “Students realised that social media, especially Facebook and instant messaging, if not managed properly, can take over their lives,” said Eric Darr, the college provost.

    The 800-student college called for the ban to see how the technology affects the lives of students and faculty.

    Most students complied with the week-long experiment earlier this month and some discovered that the technology could rule their lives.

    Darr cited one student who felt compelled to check Facebook 21 hours a day and blocked posts between 2 and 5 in the morning to get some sleep.

    “It sounds like an addiction to me,” said Darr, who initiated the blackout, which was implemented by blocking social media access to the college’s IP address.

    Darr acknowledged that students or faculty who felt forced to feed their social media addiction could do so via smartphones, but he said most complied, and some were pleasantly surprised by what they found.

    “The majority of students behaved much like smokers who sneak cigarettes after class,” he said. “They would sneak off to check things on their smart phones.”

    But some discovered that they were less stressed because they were not able to constantly check their friends’ Facebook status and found more time to do other things.

    Other students found themselves more likely to have face-to-face meetings with students or faculty who normally communicate exclusively by social media.

    Student Amanda Zuck said she isn’t a heavy user of Facebook but was “a little irritated” at first by being unable to use the site.

    Zuck wrote in an email that she didn’t see much advantage in the project for herself but she added that it had probably helped a friend whom she said is addicted to Facebook.

    “She decided to call it quits for a few weeks while she catches up on school, and I think this blackout helped her stick with it,” Zuck wrote.

    The project allowed all members of the college community to reflect on how social media tools affect their lives.

    “Only by stopping and paying attention can we understand,” Darr said. “We may not even be aware that social media plays a big part in what we do and how we do it.”

    Harrisburg appears to be the first US college to conduct such an experiment, which probably would not have been possible in larger academic institutions with more complex infrastructure, Darr said.

    The project prompted protests from some people who sent emails arguing it infringed their freedom of speech, he said.

    While the results are still being analyzed, the conclusions seem to be that social media should be used alongside old-fashioned personal communication.

    “Face-to-face meetings and relating through Facebook is probably the way to go,” Darr said. — Reuters

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    Facebook gets movie treatments as social media at high 

    LOS ANGELES, Sept 16 — Facebook hits the silver screen this fall with two movies coming out within weeks of each other at a time when social media is at an all-time high.

    Independent documentary “Catfish” and glitzy Hollywood feature “The Social Network” couldn’t be more different. But both could very well be two sides of the same coin.

    “We’ve gotten to a point where it’s time to reflect on it,” said “Catfish” filmmaker Ariel Schulman.

    “‘The Social Network’ shows us how we got here. ‘Catfish’ shows us where we’re at.”

    Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world with over 500 million active users. Sites like MySpace, micro-blogging site Twitter, and Tumblr are also thriving, creating an intricate online world where everything from dating websites to video game communities have users who put their personal lives out on public display.

    As “Catfish” illustrates, not everyone on these sites is who they say they are.

    “Catfish”, which opens in US theatres tomorrow, follows Nev Schulman, a photographer who falls in love with a girl on Facebook. Over time, their romance blossoms and they begin to text and talk on the phone.

    When Nev, his brother Ariel and their friend Henry discover some startling revelations, they set off on a road trip to meet the girl in person.

    “The Social Network,” arrives on October 1, with a pedigree that includes Oscar-nominated David Fincher directing from a screenplay by the four-time Emmy Award winning Aaron Sorkin.

    The film is based on Ben Mezrich’s book “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal.” Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, now 26, is played by Jesse Eisenberg.

    “It’s interesting that these two movies are coming out at the same time,” said Schulman, who directed “Catfish” with Henry Joost.

    “We are however many years in to the social networking phenomenon and I think it has hit a tipping point,” he said.

    Schulman, along with Joost, shot his brother Nev’s 2008 real-life romance and road trip to visit the girl of his dreams. He felt there is now a sort of “collective subconscious” around Facebook.

    Schulman likens social networks to a “collection of avatars” where users put up “ideal versions of themselves” for others to see.

    “We each play the role of our own personal publicist that way,” he noted, cautioning that because of that, “you can’t go online naively.”

    “You’ve got to protect yourself,” said Schulman. “Everyone has different intentions.”

    Ironically for an actor portraying the man now in charge of Facebook in “Social Network,” Eisenberg himself is not a Facebook user, nor does he ever plan to be.

    “If you’re in a public setting like (actors) are, you come to really value your privacy,” he said.

    However, Eisenberg is quick to point out that it’s not “the medium that’s the danger, it’s the people using the medium” and that’s why he’s chosen to stay off it.

    Though Nev Schulman says he doesn’t feel completely protected from his “Catfish” situation happening again, he says he has no regrets about his Facebook romance.

    “I ended up going on a great life experience with my brother and my dear friend Henry,” said Nev Schulman.

    What was real, were the life lessons that came with all that.

    “I now have a better understanding of what I thought I wanted, what I really want and what’s important insofar as my relationships with friends and family,” he said. “This experience has allowed me to grow and change for the better.” — Reuters

    SM:this is movie trailer: Social Network a.k.a Facebook

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    Actually I am doing part time job, secretly. 

    Sometime I have to go out to find extra income for myself. You know it very hard nowadays. Everything was very expensive. So the solution is I have to work part time. On the morning I work at Airport and at the night time I worked as a Chef at The Other Office Restaurant. After I finished my work at Airport, I rushing to go home to change my clothes. Then I proceed to The Other Office Restaurant and I started cooking some dishes to be serves to customer like Bacon Cheese Burger, French Onion Soup, Super Chunk Fruit Salad, Triple Berry Cheesecake, Spitfire Roasted Chicken, Pumpkin pie and much more. The owner of the restaurant give me salary RM 800 per month. It ok for me but I still need more. This is my first part time job as Chef and I happy with this job.

    Besides that I have second part time job. This one I doing this job secretly. I don’t want other people know I am doing this kind of job. It is underground one or also know as Mafia. Please keep silent. I don’t want my top management know that I am doing illegal job. Actually I am one of the leader in Miri and I called my group as Tiger Clan. Vicious and dangerous ones. Most of the Mirian people respect my clan. Kuasa polis kalah punya…hahahaha *evil laughing* Although we behave like that but we have good heart and will to help people in need. My attitude is like Robin Hood…lol. By the way we have link to other different Mafia all over the world. We use Facebook to connect each other. My income doing this stuff very promising. Every time I received RM 1 million per month. Enough to buy good weapon. Hahahahahahaha *evil laughing* Please don’t mess up with me. Like what Phua Cu Kang said “Don’t pray, pray”

    But I have to cover up myself. I can not doing Mafia job all the time because I am afraid my superior suspicious with me. Later on he find out that I am doing illegal job, he will terminate my job at Airport Miri. I must save myself first because I still want to work at Airport Miri. I got connection with Miri Airport staff in term of delivery of illegal “part”. You know what I mean right.  There is one female and her nick name is ”

    Before I become Chef and Mafia leader, I was a farmer. Even before I work at Airport Miri. Full time farmer take care of his small farm. I brought this farm last year and I plant various vegetables and fruits. I plant strawberry, wheat and many more. With this way, I can generate another income. Even though it generate slow income but it is stable.

    For conclusion, this is my way to generate side income. Do you want to follow me? Gotcha. Happy reading.

    I am working person full time with Facebook as I seat in front of my lappy all the time. Hail !!!!!! Facebook!!!!

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    Facebook clinches top spot from Orkut in India 

    NEW DELHI: Facebook has become the number one social networking site in India, toppling Google-owned Orkut in one of the few markets the site had held a leadership position.

    US-based global research firm comScore said Facebook had moved into the top spot in July, backing up separate research by Indian online monitor ViziSense which shows a similar trend.

    Facebook had 20.9 million unique users in July, almost three times more than in the same month last year, while Orkut had 19.9 million, according to comScore.

    “The social networking phenomenon continues to gain steam worldwide, and India represents one of the fastest growing markets at the moment,” comScore executive Will Hodgman said in a statement.

    ViziSense calculated that Facebook had overtaken Orkut in April as data showed it had slightly less than 19 million unique users in May while Orkut had about 18 million.

    In March, Facebook announced it would open its first office in India in the southern IT hub of Hyderabad.

    Seventy percent of Facebook’s users are from outside the United States and the site is now available in more than 70 languages. — AFP

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    Should parents ‘friend’ their kids on Facebook? 

    NEW YORK: To friend or not to friend is the big question facing many parents dealing with teenagers on Facebook.
    Three quarters of parents questioned in a Nielsen survey said they are friends with their children on the popular social networking website which boasts 500 million active users. But a third admitted they are worried they are not seeing everything their children are doing on the web.

    Perhaps with good reason, as nearly 30 percent of teens said if given the choice they would unfriend their parents.

    “The No. 1 parenting issue, as least with my discussion with parents, is living on Facebook,” said Regina Lewis, a consumer adviser with online services company AOL, which jointly developed the survey.
    “It is part of the modern-day parenting reality.”

    The average number of friends on Facebook is 130 but for teenagers it can be much higher, according to Lewis.

    “I thought the percentage of parents who were friends with their kids was strikingly high. It is more than 70 percent,” she said, adding that children were twice as likely to want to unfriend their mother than their father.

    For some children friending a parent is not always an option. In 41 percent of households there was a rule that children who use Facebook have to be friends with their parents.

    “For some parents that became a non-starter,” said Lewis.

    The friending issue is a delicate balancing act between children thriving for more independence and their parents’ desire to see what is going on to make sure their children are safe.

    In nearly half of cases, children said they would prefer to be friends with their parents privately on the web without their parents having the ability to post comments.

    Nielsen questioned 1,024 parents and 500 children aged 13 to 17 for the online poll. More than half of the youngsters admitted they do not personally know all of their Facebook friends, and 41 percent of parents said they knew half or less of their children’s Facebook friends.

    “Friending friends is certainly a way to populate your list quickly,” said Lewis.

    “That is why the number of mutual friends is one of those really important factors in figuring out who may be a outlier,” she added, referring to someone who shouldn’t be there.

    Twenty percent of parents admitted they had told their children to unfriend someone.

    Whether they are friends or not, Lewis said that to be responsible parents need to keep an eye on what their children are doing online. — REUTERS

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    Aquino calls for end to Facebook bashing 

    MANILA: Philippine President Benigno Aquino on Wednesday appealed for a stop to government bashing over a hostage crisis that left eight foreigners dead, but his Facebook plea triggered more condemnation.

    Aquino’s official Facebook page, which he had set up to promote transparency in government, has been swamped with angry comments, from barbs against bungling policemen to calls for him to quit.

    “We have heard and read a lot of opinions from the public, even from foreigners that were affected,” Aquino said on Facebook.
    “We appeal on everyone to stop needless arguments. Let us show everyone that we, Filipinos, know how to respect and understand.” The message triggered varied replies on the page, with some expressing support but many others dismissing it outright.

    “Shame on you and your government. Tender your resignation now,” wrote Elfis Lee, a Hong Kong resident.

    “Your incompetence of leading your untrained stupid police force caused such a tragedy.” Jay Rodrigo apologised on behalf of Filipinos, but had strong words about his feelings towards Aquino, who won the presidency by a landslide in May but whose popularity now appears to be taking a direct hit from the tragedy.
    “You see, our president is a retard who has done nothing but smirk in front of the TV cameras after all that has happened,” he replied on the page.

    “He’s slowly killing our country coz of his stupidity.” An ex-policeman seized a bus-load of 22 Hong Kong tourists and three Filipinos Monday, triggering a 12-hour face-off that ended in a bloodbath following a police assault.

    Aside from the gunman, eight tourists were killed, triggering angry comments from Hong Kong and a travel ban on the country.
    It also put the spotlight on longstanding problems with the Philippine police force, which admitted to blunders in handling the crisis.

    The Internet-savvy Aquino, 50, used social networking sites to promote his anti-corruption campaign and vows of full transparency in the run-up to the election.

    His official Facebook page has 1.94 million fans. – AFP

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    Singaporean arrested for FB attack on govt 

    Taken from NST  Singaporean arrested for FB attack on govt.

    SINGAPORE: A Singaporean man who attacked the ruling party on Facebook and urge people to “burn” a cabinet minister has been arrested on charges of inciting violence, police said Wednesday.
    In a statement, police said they had arrested a “man in his late 20s” on Tuesday “in connection with investigations into offences related to incitement of violence”.

    The statement did not name the man or give details of the offence, but said that he was released on bail pending further investigation.

    Local media identified him as Abdul Malik Ghazali, 27, who posted a series of comments on the social networking site critical of how Singapore is hosting the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG).
    The August 14-26 event, held for competitors aged from 14 to 18, has generated limited public interest, with many events blighted by empty seats and the host country’s athletes faring badly.

    Vivian Balakrishnan, the minister for community development, youth and sports, has come under particular fire from online critics over the games.

    Abdul Malik’s postings on his own Facebook page and on a separate group account called “I hate the Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee” are also critical of Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP).

    Abdul Malik, who works for a company specialising in wood and flooring, said on his Facebook page that he was arrested “due to my involvement in anti-YOG and anti-PAP Facebook pages”.

    One of his postings highlighted recent floods in Singapore, the escape of detained terror suspect Mas Selamat Kastari, the amount of money spent to host the games and reports of the poor standard of food served for games volunteers.

    He said it was time to “burn” the sports minister and the PAP.

    “Rally together and vote them out!!!” he wrote.

    Abdul Malik said in comments published Wednesday by The New Paper that “the comment is a metaphor”.

    “I did not intend for it to be taken literally. I did not mean for someone to actually burn,” he said.

    In another posting, Abdul Malik referred to a version of the communist anthem The Internationale on YouTube and wrote: “This song is a call to rise against tyranny and oppression… Very suited to what is happening now in

    Prosperous Singapore — which is spending close to 300 million US dollars to host the games, more than three times original projections — follows a hardline policy on political dissent.

    Public protests are banned without a police permit and anti-government critics in the political opposition and media have been successfully sued for defamation by top officials.

    Some in cyberspace rallied to Abdul Malik’s defence.

    One Facebook poster calling himself “Kok Meng” wrote “seems like even metaphors are forbidden these days”.

    “Police should get a grip and let loose. We are a democracy.” — AFP

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    Peterpan kantoi di Facebook 

    SM: Hahahahaha….nanti saya upload aksi2 mereka ok…stay tune 🙂

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